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June 2016 Mount Royal Trail Ride

The 2nd Annual MRTR June Trail Ride is gearing up for this year’s event! The ride will be held June 7th – 11th and looks to be as awesome as last year’s! A great opportunity to see the views from the mountain-top camp across the Arkansas and Oklahoma border for some eighty to one hundred miles, part of the Boston Mountains. While the same view as the October trail ride, the June ride offers a different perspective in summertime and alternative trails.

Call 615-351-3167 for more information and reservations! Don’t miss it!

RWK’s Music Industry Seminar

1422387_10208929185486061_1548827878320499263_nA few seats are still available!

A “can’t miss” opportunity to gain insight into the music industry and take your career to a more professional level. Join Royal Wade Kimes in Jackson, MO April 11, 2016 for his Professional Seminar on the Music Industry.

You owe it to your career in music! Call 573-334-7800 for more information.


Music On The Mountain

If you are an FB fan, have supported this concert in the past, don’t miss the 10 year anniversary!
Music on the Mountain


Royal Wade Kimes only endorses and puts his stamp of approval on companies with great integrity and superior quality products.

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“Elixir strings sound better at thirty days than other strings do on their first.” RWK
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The Gentleman Outlaw Royal Wade Kimes releases “Shadows of Time”

New record ‘Shadows Of Time’ released March 31st. Sears.com, cdbaby.com and many others carry the record. It can also be ordered direct from Wonderment Records by phone if you would like a signed copy. That number is 615-351-3167.

Some are saying the new album of songs titled “Shadows Of Time” by recording artist Royal Wade Kimes “The Gentleman Outlaw,” has been released just in the nick of time. Country Music today is more Contemporary Pop than Country, more Sam Smith than George Jones, more forced than created, more compressed than recorded, and continuously sounds like streaming water pouring endlessly over a waterfall, making the same sound over and over.

“Shadows Of Time” debuted on KWKZ-FM 106.1 in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, and received phones continuously from California to Canada for the two hour run. Bill Anderson owner of the station and Susan Bell program director is calling “Shadows Of Time” a Royal Wade Kimes best. The production is reminiscent of the early days of the Judd’s, when produced by Brent Maher. And it comes with a forgotten concept… not one song sounds alike on an album collection of twelve tracks. “Shadows Of Time” is Country Music with such simplicity it is confounding. It reminds us of a simpler time in our lives and what Country Music is supposed to be. It’s about good things in life, families, home, love, excitement, and yes, heartache, but it doesn’t stop there. Kimes masterfully sprinkled in history with times gone by and filled an arena with rodeo, outlaws, and a lone cowboy standing at the end of the trail. “Shadows Of Time” gently and pleasantly reminds us… that maybe we’ve gotten off the country road we were supposed to be on. Country Music has evolved into something few recognize as even being Country, let alone Country and Western, maybe because it morphed into something called Contemporary Pop Country, and from that has mutated into country grunge crudeness with titles of vulgarity and smuttiness. Kimes “Shadows Of Time” may be more than a record. Could it be the unassuming spark that causes the Country Format to take a hard look at its self, and consider where it’s headed? The ironic thing is, Kimes is known as “The Gentleman Outlaw,” and it may be an outlaw that calls attention to a brand of music gone rogue. Kimes “Shadows Of Time” is doing the talking for now, but you can bet if pressed on the issue, Kimes would… “buck the tiger.”

Royal Wade Kimes is a national recording artist that has written songs for Garth Brooks, Diamond Rio, Gene Watson and others in addition to his own Recorded hits such as “Another Man’s Sky” and “I’m An Old Song.” Kimes became known as “The Gentleman Outlaw” after he appeared on the cover of True West Magazine. The late James Arness of the popular television series “Gunsmoke” once congratulated Kimes for beating the entertainment system by taking the outlaw road. Kimes has received two Will Rogers awards, and was given a small screen/music award for his overall performance in the cable network musical “Dixie Burns.” He is also an author of top selling western novels and is a member of the Western Writers of America.

Larry Holden

Elixir Strings

Elixir Strings




Elixir strings sound better at thirty days than other strings do on their first.” RWK


The 2015 Mount Royal Trail Ride Schedule

The Second Annual Spring Trail Ride is June 2nd through June 6th
Trail Riders leave on 7th. Details


Cattle Baron’s Stockyard

art_lrg-05Own your very own numbered and signed print of Royal Wade Kimes’  original artwork, the 1800’s Cattle Baron’s Stockyard with … not sure how many? …cowboys hidden in the work!

To get your personal print, call 615-351-3167 to order! Be sure to ask about the cattle industry members discount!!


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